FXCM Group adds Trading Central’s analysis to HTML 5 Web Platform

FXCM Group expands CFD offering, adds Ripple and Bitcoin Cash

Retail forex broker FXCM Group, LLC has announced that it has updated its HTML 5 Web Platform, Trading Station Web 2.0 by integrating Trading Central research.

Trading Central’s analysis can now be found within FXCM’s charts.

FXCM has also introduced a new widget, which enables traders to discover all the signals found for a particular instrument and can learn more about the analysis. The broker has recently teamed up with Gold-i Matrix Net and has expanded its cryptocurrency offering by adding its second crypto CFD, Ethereum (ETH/USD).

New Integrated Analysis Includes:

  • Trading Central covers just about all of the most popular markets available instantly at the click of the button!
  • Directional opinions with actionable trading levels are available around the clock and updated periodically as the situation changes
  • Direct Overlay on Charts – show resistance, support, pivot and important key target levels to enter or exit.
  • New Widget – Discover new trade ideas based on market movements

We’ve spent the last 20 years empowering investors to form educated trade decisions by providing them with actionable research they can trust,” commented Alain Pellier, CEO at Trading Central. “We’ve been a proud partner of FXCM since 2005 and are confident that their new integration of our analytics will enable even more of today’s investors to participate in financial markets.

Brendan Callan FXCM

Brendan Callan

This integration gives our traders seamless access to Trading Central’s analysis,” said Brendan Callan, CEO of FXCM Group. “We want to provide traders all the tools possible to allow them to be smarter and more successful in their trading.

Today’s investing public has great expectations for how convenient and insightful their online experiences should be,” added Kathryn St. John, Head of User Experience at Trading Central. “FXCM customers will now find it much easier to make decisions, with Trading Central’s analysis super-imposed directly into the charts where they spend so much of their time.

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