Finteza platform launches eCommerce section

Finteza web analytics introduces a new eCommerce section enabling users to control multiple aspects of the sales system for eСommerce projects.

Vladimir Bykov, Finteza developer commented:

E-Commerce reports in Finteza allow you to understand your audience: where it came from and how it behaves in your website in terms of goods and/or brand attraction. This helps you improve the quality of your service leading to higher conversion rates.

With the new eCommerce edition, Finteza enables users to study the potential popularity of goods, define the actual sales volume, assess the missed profit and evaluate the customer loyalty. The new feature allows users to build reports based on 8 types of events and 30 additional parameters by individual products or shopping carts.

Finteza platform

The reports will show which products visitors buy and which one they only view. By examining the user behavior, the platform reveals at which stage a company loses visitors and even which items are usually removed from the cart before the completion of a purchase.

The e-Commerce section will enable building reports by product groups, individual brands or product categories, calculate the average cost of goods and the average purchase amount, monitor the promotions and discounts effectiveness. It is also possible to view separate analytics for each branch of a company taking in mind financial aspects like taxes, payment methods, currencies utilized by customers during payment procedures, etc.

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