Finalto Liquidity rolls out new analytics platform

Finalto today announced it has created a new analytics platform for liquidity clients.

liquidity markets have been impacted by growing volatility. According to the press release, Finalto’s new platform will ensure that the liquidity clients of the company are able to quickly identify trends with their liquidity flow in order to make adjustments.

Head of Liquidity at Finalto, Andy Biggs explained:

We can say ‘hey, we can see why the flow is difficult. Here’s the fact of why it’s difficult. So why don’t we manage the liquidity with a scalpel instead of an axe. So, we just cut the little bit that we need as opposed to chopping the whole client or the whole feed.


Finalto noted that it has been testing the platform with a number of clients and it is now ready to make it available for all liquidity clients.

The company highlighted the role investing it its liquidity team in the development of the analytics platform.

Biggs added:

We have that [capability] in-house, it’s all in-house built, it’s all programmed, managed and updated by the liquidity team. The liquidity team is technology proficient, so we’ve built, effectively, the perfect system for looking at the flow that we have.

The new service is available to Finalto’s professional clients.

Finalto‘s parent company Playtech confirmed on Friday that Finalto’s sale to Gopher Investments will close by mid-July.


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