Doo Tech launches MT5 bridge connection to HKEX

Doo Tech launches MT5 bridge connection to HKEX

Doo Tech, a global trading solutions provider, has just announced that it has released the Bridge Cloud service for connection to the Hong Kong Exchange.

By connecting the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform to HKEX, forex brokers will now be able to extend their business, start offering futures instruments and receive real-time quotes without delay.

The trading order is transmitted from MT5 to HKEX. The platform executes the client’s order at the transaction price returned after the transaction is completed. The use of C++ ensures that the quote delivery and order execution speed is as low as 10 ms.

Bridge Cloud is an essential element in HKEX trading, which can minimize trading costs, maximize efficiency and provide increased transparency.

Doo Tech’s bridge connects to the exchange via the Esunny PoleStar Intelligent Platform and enables access to HK50, HSI and MHI futures trading.

Doo Tech provides one-stop solutions for institutions and retail brokers across global forex, commodity and futures markets. The company’s service centers are located in Hong Kong, London, Taipei, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.

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