cTrader brokers with access to Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork

Good news for cTrader’s brokers – they can now connect to Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork to access a wide range of multi-asset liquidity and utilise Gold-i’s advanced liquidity management tools.

Through the Gold-i Matrix, everyone using Spotware’s FX and CFDs trading platform can now access a full spectrum of asset classes, including FX, equities and cryptocurrencies.

Alexander Geralis, Business Development Manager at Spotware

Alexander Geralis, Business Development Manager at Spotware

Alexander Geralis, Business Development Manager at Spotware, commented on the news:

We believe in providing cTrader brokers with tested solutions that add value in how and what options they have to manage their price feeds and liquidity. Gold-i’s Matrix is a good tool in terms of aggregation, reporting and routing. Whilst these tools are traditionally used more by large brokers, start-up brokers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding them as well.

We are pleased to have worked on this integration with Gold-i. Forward-looking integrations, such as this one with Gold-i, are part of our strategy and one of the reasons why cTrader continues to capture market share. In today’s competitive market the broker really needs to have all the options and flexibility available and we also believe that FX brokers need to offer a variety of asset classes as it is becoming increasingly difficult to specialize only in FX.

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i added:

We began this partnership at the request of a client who was keen to use the cTrader platform. The integration not only enables cTrader brokers to access the Gold-i Matrix NETwork but also provides increased flexibility and added value for our clients who may wish to use cTrader as an additional platform. cTrader has an excellent reputation amongst brokers of all sizes and we look forward to this new, mutually beneficial partnership.

Matrix Net is an extension of Gold-i’s multi-asset liquidity management platform, Matrix. Gold-i Matrix offers multiple routing and aggregation methods, leveraging connections with over 70 Liquidity Providers and supports FX, CFDs and cryptocurrencies in a single solution, fully compatible with the Gold-i Crypto Switch.

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