BDSwiss Group unveils a fully integrated WebTrader Trends Analysis tool

BDSwiss Group has recently expanded its technical analysis toolkit with a fully integrated WebTrader Trends Analysis tool.

The novel Trends Analysis feature is designed to automate technical analysis while allowing traders to identify the most viable trading opportunities with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Trends Analysis offers real-time analytics and trendline overlays on a wide range of CFDs including stocks, commodities and foreign exchange. The tool provides users with real-time insights that can help traders make better-informed decisions.

The new tool integrates AI and machine learning algorithms provided by Autochartist with BDSwiss’s WebTrader charting tools. It monitors thousands of trading instruments in real-time while applying technical indicators to create a live dashboard of the most opportunistic trade setups.

The built-in Trends Analysis tool calculates and refines probability values for future price action while also considering the latest earnings reports, financial releases and aggregated data from third-party vendors.

BDSwiss Group launches Trends Analysis Tool on its WebTrader Platform

Frank Walbaum, Technical Analyst at BDSwiss commented:

The ability to identify, plot and interpret market trends automatically can be invaluable in fast-moving markets. The BDSwiss Trends Analysis tool helps traders to not only spot evolving chart patterns which they otherwise might miss but to also capitalise on them. Harnessing artificial intelligence, sophisticated data analytics, technical analysis and order execution in a single web-based platform is what many traders are now looking for.

With the integration of Trends Analysis, BDSwiss’ WebTrader platform provides а comprehensive automated technical analysis solution for its clients.

The traders on the platform can view potential trade opportunities automatically mapped onto live charts and can place market trades directly through a self-adjusting order window. The software also accounts for preset market parameters and can automatically adjust risk management settings at the trader’s discretion. This feature was specifically designed to allow traders to place their positions with a single click to reduce execution time.

Christos Alatzidis, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of BDSwiss said:

Christos Alatzidis, BDSwiss

Christos Alatzidis
Source: LinkedIn

In trading, timing is essential: even milliseconds can make a big difference. Our Trends Analysis tool provides powerful real-time analysis with potential trade ideas plotted automatically. The BDSwiss WebTrader platform is the first in the retail trading space to offer a one-stop solution by integrating AutoChartist’s analysis features built-in a web-based platform.

BDSwiss will continue to optimise and invest in new technologies and solutions to improve trader experience, including platforms and tools, broader regulation and trading services.

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