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  • Alpha and Gold-i partner to offer MT4 / MT5 multi asset bridge and liquidity


    Trading solutions and liquidity provider Alpha Capital Markets, and MetaTrader technology solutions firm Gold-i, have announced a joint effort to provide Alpha’s liquidity solutions to MT4 and MT5 brokers, using Gold-i’s bridge gateway. Gold-i launched its MT5 gateway last November.

    We understand that Alpha and Gold-i are currently finalizing implementation on their first joint client.

    Tom Higgins, Gold-i

    Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i commented:

    Alpha has a very competitive offering and we are delighted that our clients can now access their liquidity.

    We pride ourselves in being able to offer a choice of market leading liquidity to clients and having Alpha on board is a real asset.

    Thanks to the partnership with Alpha, Gold-i clients can easily access over 6,000 streaming products from Alpha, selecting from FX, index, commodities and single stock CFDs.

    Muhammad Rasoul, Alpha

    Muhammad Al-Amin Rasoul, CEO of Alpha adds:

    Alpha is very excited to have Gold-i as a strategic partner and distribution point for our industry leading liquidity solutions for both MT4 and MT5.

    Our unique B2B only business model helps B2C brokers expand their product line while at the same time not helping the revenue lines of their direct competitors.  With the increased traction of MT5 in the retail broker space this is an important development for both us and Gold-i.

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    • Tom

      Aren’t Alpha just selling JFDs CFD liqduidity?

    • Ken

      Is there any LP not configured to Gold-i ??? Not really news…….and yes they simply pass on others liquidity….

    • Ken

      I have always been very confused by the Gold-i model. Surely to participate in broker’s volume/spread ie charging dollars per million they should be FCA registered ? They are not a broker, they are a software provider…how can they be allowed to charge $ per Million ???

    • Sergey

      Ken- why would Goldi need to be licensed? if they not marketing to traders, not interacting with traders, not tradingwith clients, not holding client money but just supplying software and being paid based on a % of what a broker client does in volume. Is there some kind of rule about not charging a regulated broker based on level of activity unless you too have license? I think you confused.

      • Ken

        I think you are, to participate in a volume payout you need to be licensed, just like an IB…..it’s simply a scam that no one has questioned.

        • Sergey

          Wrong Ken. If you’re an IB and introducing specific clients and earning some kind of payout from the actions of those specific clients then yes, you need to be license as an IB. But not if you don’t introduce specific clients and if you not earning revshare or per-volume from an aggregated flow, such as the total volume of a broker.

          • Ken

            Err…. exactly how Gold-i get paid…..per-volume.

            • Sergey

              Yes Ken, Goldi get paid from volume. But not a specific trader’s volume. That requires an IB license. Nothing wrong tho with being paid off of aggregate broker volume without a license. I can say it again if it help. Too much for you to understand?

            • Ken

              No, because you’re wrong, which is why the market is beginning to question it. Wouldn’t put Gold-i on your CV for too much longer Sergey. Need anything translated ?

            • Ken

              It is money paid out from an investment process as opposed to paying a flat fee for the software, it’s quite simple really.


    Alpha and Gold-i partner to offer MT4 / MT5 multi asset bridge and liquidity


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