Affiliate software used by Forex brokers: Cellxpert’s Itamar Ronen speaks

Cellxpert fx affiliate software

LeapRate Exclusive Interview… It isn’t easy to get big companies to implement your software for mission critical uses. And in the online trading business, where bringing in new clients is certainly essential, a broker’s affiliate program – and the software running that program – can make the difference between success and failure.

We thought then that it was very interesting that Israel-based affiliate software provider Cellxpert won the contract to provide the affiliate software system to online trading industry leader IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG).

(Our apologies to the Cellxpert team, we had first reported that IG’s new affiliate program was fully developed in-house, when in fact they’re using Cellxpert).

We’re pleased to speak today with Cellxpert VP Sales Itamar Ronen, on what makes a great affiliate software system, winning the IG contract, and more.

LR: Hi Itamar, and thanks for joining us today. Please let our readers know a little more about Cellxpert and what you do.

Itamar Ronen, Cellxpert

Itamar: Hi, and thank you for having me. Cellxpert provides the leading, state-of-the-art 360° affiliate software that’s tailored for financial services. From Ad-serving and tracking to management of your performance systems and compliance with regulatory requirements. Cellxpert provides advanced features that allow brands to manage their affiliates efficiently, and to minimize the risk when doing so. Cellxpert collects, and indicates all the all the data required for in-depth analysis, in order to allow brands to optimize their ROI.

LR: We understand that you recently won IG Group as a client, and that they are now using Cellxpert’s affiliate tracking software for their new Affiliate program. That’s quite a big client. How did you go about winning IG as a client?

Itamar: The process for winning IG as a client was long and rigorous. IG researched the industry thoroughly, and inquired about us and our competitors, comparing features and capabilities which led them to choose us. We believe that our system’s ability support regulatory requirements, and our technical and support team’s dedication to making sure that all the systems run smoothly played a substantial role in their decision.

LR: From your perspective, what are the key challenges facing Forex and CFD brokers in creating a successful Affiliate program in an increasingly competitive industry? How does Cellxpert’s solution address those issues?

Itamar: Indeed, this is a time where the affiliate landscape is changing, and we see increased liability for both brokers and affiliates across multiple jurisdictions, as regulators become more involved in the conduct of the broker’s relationship with the affiliates.

In this this new era, of increased risk, Cellxpert is focusing on facilitating transparency and control to allow brokers to be fully compliant with all the regulatory requirements. We’ve recently rolled out a new version of our product to all of our clients (as you reported for IG’s affiliate program). This new version has a long list of new features to support those requirements.

At Cellxpert, we are tuned to the market requirements and always make sure that our clients receive the best tools. Nowadays, Cellxpert introduces new features on a weekly basis, providing our clients with the competitive edge in a very competitive environment.

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