Affiliate tracking software provider Cellxpert unveils regulatory compliant product for Traffic-source Management

Cellxpert fx affiliate software

Cellxpert, a leading provider of affiliate marketing platforms, has announced the unveiling of a new product that will allow regulated brokers to fully manage and approve their affiliates’ sources of traffic.

The new tools – Country Control, Domain Control, as well as the new feature Geo Rotation Group – are a complete and customizable solution designed for regulated operations worldwide, built to help brokerage operators prevent the loss of their license.

Cellxpert’s solutions are used by a variety of leading FX brokers in helping manage their affiliate programs, including UK industry leader IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) and Warsaw based X Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski SA (WSE:XTB), which operates the XTB retail FX brand.

Regulatory requirements have grown stricter over time, as public opinion and traders worldwide highlight the demand for safe, fair trading under regulation laws. Furthermore, regulators such as CySEC and FCA hold brokers accountable to all of their affiliate activity. As a result, brokers find themselves searching for affiliate management and traffic generation tools that comply with regulations and keep up with ongoing changes. Recently, we have been seeing regulators increase their supervision on brokers’ marketing activities, and when they find identify misconduct, they impose high fines and at times suspend or revoke the broker’s license.

Assaf Dor Cellxpert

Assaf Dor, Cellxpert

According to Assaf Dor, CEO of Cellxpert:

Brokers are searching for a safe solution for affiliate program management. We began to receive inquiries from our regulated FX brokers, such as IG group or XTB, requesting we develop traffic source management tools. This new development allows brokers to control the sources from which their affiliates send traffic from by country as well as authorize specific domains for traffic generation, on the affiliate side.

Cellxpert offers three dedicated tools:

  1. Country Control – allows brokers to completely block or approve traffic from certain countries, and even choose where to redirect the traffic from those blocked countries.
  2. Domain Control – allows whitelisting URLs from which affiliates can send their traffic.
  3. Geo Rotation Groups – which enables banner display control, allowing the broker to upload a set of banners and present them by country, according to their specific regulatory guidelines.

“We see a shift in the wind regarding the regulator approach to marketing practices, the brokers are liable for their partner’s actions. Those who will not use such tools will be exposed to fines and suspensions” explains Assaf Dor. “This powerful set of tools enables brokers to fully manage the origins of their traders. Their working environment became frictionless and simple to manage. Regulated brokers can decide from which sites they want to receive traffic; which sites to block, and which countries to cut off completely. I’m happy to say that the results speaks for themselves, we see affiliate programs that are stable and profitable.”

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