Velocity Trade launches Integral workflow automation across its trading network

International broker dealer Velocity Trade selected FX technology provider Integral to implement its workflow automation and trading technology on Velocity Trade’s eFX and CFD trading network.

Integral’s cloud technology provides full automation and customization of the eFX and CFD workflow, including pricing and risk management tools, as well as a trading platform and a mobile app that support Velocity Trade’s suite of FX and CFD products.

Velocity Trade can maintain a customizable FX and CFD service to its institutional clients through the wide range of functionality Integral makes available. Integral’s cloud-based platform was integrated in Velocity Trade’s system in a matter of weeks.

Ben Brown, Velocity Trade commented:

We selected Integral having sought a solution that allowed us to upgrade our existing FX and CFD service to clients while ensuring we continue to add more robust and reliable technology across the workflow. Velocity Trade is pleased to extend its partnership with Integral and meet our customers’ growing needs with best-in-class technology.

Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral said:

Velocity Trade is committed to providing a seamless and complete experience to its FX customers. Integral’s cloud-based technology spans the entire FX lifecycle and offers a customizable solution, ensuring Velocity Trade is positioned strongly to compete and grow its business.

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