Shanghai and Hong Kong now added to McKay Brothers Asia services

Shanghai and Hong Kong now added to McKay Brothers Asia services

McKay Brothers International (MBI) has announced that it has now added Shanghai and Hong Kong as trading centers for its Asia services. The company now offers connectivity at the lowest known commercial latency between the Tokyo-CC2 data center and trading centers in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

MBI has also improved the latency its hybrid microwave/fiber service between the Singapore Exchange and @Tokyo-CC2, which offers the lowest known latency between those two end points.

Francois Tyc, MBI Managing Director commented:

We are committed to promoting fair and robust markets worldwide by offering our best latency to all firms. We are pleased to support our subscribers’ efforts to connect Tokyo to Shanghai and Hong Kong at the lowest latency.

Tad Beckelman, McKay Director of Asia said:

Asia markets continue to see increased activity from global firms and local traders. We continue to support all participants by investing to improve and expand our inter-exchange offerings in Asia.

MBI first launched European routes between London and Frankfurt back in 2014. McKay Brothers, LLC opened its first US microwave route in 2012 between Chicago and New Jersey.

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