Panxora joins Koine’s digital post-trade ecosystem

London-based post-trade custody and settlement platform for institutions Koine and crypto treasury management service Panxora have collaborated to provide their mutual clients with services designed to cut down risks associated with holding cryptocurrencies for the growing numbers of institutions investing in digital assets.

Panxora’s model aims to support Koine’s institutional client base. It hedges against cryptocurrency volatility while allowing clients to maintain control over their digital asset portfolio as they are held in their own Koine custodial account.

The service provided by Panxora works similarly to classic segregated managed account and operates with liquid cryptocurrency exchanges in partnership with Koine’s post-trade settlement solution, designed to minimise credit and counterparty exposure.

Panxora’s AI models adapt to the manner cryptocurrency markets operate. They take advantage of upward trends and act quickly to limit losses when markets decline sharply in value.

Hugh Hughes, CEO and Chairman at Koine, said:

Hugh Hughes, Koine

Hugh Hughes

From Koine’s inception, our main focus was the protection of digital assets, which is why we’re working with independent services like Panxora to support institutions in managing their funds in the most secure way possible. We will continue to work with various third-parties, including tax reporting, margin and lending, to ensure all our clients’ needs are accounted for.

With more institutional investors gaining interest in digital currency trading, an additional layer of governance is required for protection of the portfolios as they enter unfamiliar markets. Koine and Panxora’s partnership ensures minimised losses and assets security.

Gavin Smith, CEO at Panxora, added:

As the cryptocurrency markets mature, governance will become a key differentiator for companies operating in this space. Working with Koine allows Panxora to offer our clients an integrated solution that actively manages their market risk in a very volatile asset class while protecting their assets from counterparty risk that would usually be a key concern in this sector.

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