Lyxor Asset Management adopts FlexTrade’s cloud-based EMS, FlexNOW

FlexTrade Systems, a multi-asset execution and order management systems provider announced Lyxor Asset Management’s adoption of FlexNOW EMS, which combines cloud, desktop, mobile and API technology.

FlexNOW provides Lyxor’s traders with the power and flexibility to transition between the different challenges of working conditions we see today. One of the reasons to transition to the FlexNOW EMS is the ability to trade several thousand stocks and futures across scores of brokers and algos in seconds. The transition offers the French-based asset management specialist regular updates to add automation, more asset classes and the ability to adapt to newer workflows.

FlexTrade Systems partners with Lyxor Asset Management

Samy Debbah, Head of Dealing Desk at Lyxor Intermediation stated:

Samy Debbah, Lyxor

Samy Debbah
Source: LinkedIn

Integrating a new EMS in our complex workflow is never easy but with FlexNOW we have replaced our old solutions and greatly improved the efficiency and operational safety of our workflows, especially when working with larger baskets. The Team’s ability to quickly respond to feedback has been impressive, continually improving the platform to meet our needs. FlexNOW has worked seamlessly both in the office and when working remotely, an absolute must during these times.

Adi Prnjavorac, Head of Sales FlexNOW at FlexTrade Systems noted:

Adi Prnjavorac, FlexTrade

Adi Prnjavorac

We are pleased to have onboarded a prestigious client such as Lyxor Asset Management. Lyxor benefits from our strong support and quick response to new requests. Not only have we enjoyed adding new functionality to improve their efficiency, their expertise feeds back into the platform to the benefit of the whole FlexNOW community.

Manuela Bauer, EMEA Sales Director at FlexTrade Systems, said:

Manuela Bauer, FlexTrade

Manuela Bauer

We are very proud to welcome Lyxor Asset Management as a client, as part of our strong commitment to the French Asset Management community. The adaptability underpinning FlexTrade’s approach to implementation has allowed us to deliver a trading system tailored to Lyxor’s vision, which will continue to help optimize the efficiency of the trading process in the future. We look forward to supporting them with our technology and to our ongoing partnership.

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