EGM Securities and Sterling Capital partner to deliver investment opportunities to Kenyan traders

EGM Securities, а Kenya-based subsidiary of the global Equiti Group, has entered into a corporate partnership with Sterling Capital, an investment bank in Kenya for equities and fixed income trading in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

Kenyan clients will benefit from global trading opportunities, provided by this partnership. They will be able to trade top-performing global stocks, as well as other asset classes such as indices and commodities like gold and oil.

The recent all-time highs of the S&P500, NASDAQ, and other global stock indices has stimulated investor appetite and demand from Kenyans seeking global investment opportunities.

EGM Securities and Sterling Capital

The global technology sector has gone on a strong growth trajectory in recent months. Stocks like Shopify, Intel, Google, Alphabet, and Microsoft, delivered consistently high returns. This brought a global economic recovery which also heightened demand for aviation, hospitality, tourism, and energy, and these stocks are starting to bounce back from the pandemic.

Samwel Kiraka, CEO of EGM Securities, a subsidiary of the global Equiti Group, said:

The appointment of Sterling Capital further cements EGM Securities position as the premier provider of multi-asset products in Kenya, and across the African continent, and importantly, to give our people exposure to the global stock markets.

David Ngaine, CEO of Sterling Capital, said:

David Ngaine, Sterling Capital and Samwel Kiraka, EGM

Left: David Ngaine, CEO of Sterling Capital and Right: Samwel Kiraka, CEO of EGM Securities, a subsidiary of Equiti Group

We are excited by the prospects of our new partnership with EGM Securities to expand the range of investment options for our clients. Sterling Capital will benefit significantly from EGM Securities’ global experience as a multi-asset online trading broker.

EGM Securities was the first non-dealing online forex broker to be licensed by the Capital Markets Authority and the first to offer derivative contracts on the Nairobi Securities Exchange Derivatives Market.

Brian Myers, CEO of Equiti’s operations in Africa added:

Improving financial literacy rates and opening access to global markets for all Kenyans is at the core of what we do. This partnership is married to this goal and we look forward to growing the relationship in the years to come.

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