Appital adds Bernstein as execution broker

Appital today revealed that Bernstein has joined its new bookbuilding platform as an executing broker ahead of launch.

The Appital platform allows buyside traders greater exposure to deal flow opportunities.

The collaboration between Appital and Bernstein will offer the buyside community a more efficient and transparent way to execute large orders with minimal market impact or risk of price erosion. Flow originated on the Appital platform can be executed through Bernstein.


Mark Badyra, CEO Appital, commented:

Mark Badyra, Appital

Mark Badyra
Source: LinkedIn

We have been working with Bernstein to develop the platform from the early development phase. Asset managers told us they would like to use Bernstein to execute this type of flow because of their independent market position and strong research focus. Our collaboration gives our shared client base the functionality to find new sources of liquidity which will be unique compared to other technologically driven platforms.

Toby Bayliss, Head of European Electronic Trading at Bernstein Autonomous LLP, added:

Our ethos is focused on the institutional market and  we aim to align with the interests of our buyside clients. Appital provides an innovative, automated and more efficient way for clients to source and access liquidity, enhancing our primary role as an execution broker.

Appital is preparing to launch along with more than 30 asset managers, who collectively manage more than $30 trillion. Once the platform is onboarded and integrated, Appital’s asset management clients will be able to set their preferences to proactively gain exposure to deal flow which is relevant to them, and nominate brokers for execution.


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