Alpha Group announces opening a Bristol office

Alpha Group International, previously known as Alpha FX Group, today announced launching a new sales office in Bristol.

The new office was initially stablished in January 2022 with the idea to focus on smaller corporates regarding the company’s offerings.

The Bristol operations of the financial solutions provider has already generated over £2 million in revenue.

The new Bristol office

According to the official announcement the sales team at the Group’s Bristol office is leveraging the existing operations and infrastructure of the Group’s FX Risk Management division.

Alpha Group further admitted that the Bristol operations will generate smaller revenue. However, the company elaborated that companies in this market are underserved by traditional providers and their larger peers. Alpha is looking to fill that gap by offering high-quality offering whilst maintaining attractive profit margins.

Alpha stated:

Although clients will be smaller, our focus will remain on servicing high-quality companies, thereby providing a valuable opportunity to partner with high-growth companies and secure a significant share of wallet at an early stage.

The group further stated that these goals can be achieved because Bristol provides a high standard, but lower cost of living and the city has high employment and qualification rates. One of the core considerations for the company is building and sustaining a high-quality team.

Morgan Tillbrook, CEO of Alpha said:

The opportunity to apply Alpha’s principles of currency risk management and powerful capabilities to UK SMEs is an attractive one. Whether you’re a £5m company or a £500m company, the impact of currency volatility is felt in the same way, but unfortunately smaller businesses often remain the most overlooked when it comes to strategic support.

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