Soe Hein Min reappointed as United Strategic International director

United Strategic International Group has released details surrounding the re-appointment of former owner Soe Hein Min. According to a filing on Companies House, the London-based brokerage group has only recently rebranded itself from Union Standard International Group (USGFX) and has now welcomed Min to its board of directors. Soe Hein Min, a national of Burma, reportedly joined the board in the middle of the week.

Min was known for having stepped down from his board duties back in October 2020 following controversial events and stances. The liquidator of the broker’s Australia- based firm named Min specifically as a figurehead that prevented it from investigating USGFX’s financial position and company affairs, with Min going on to reject court orders that required him to release any platform data to the liquidators in question.

Min’s previous resignation from his leadership duties at the firm was viewed as a tactical step in keeping the company clean from any unnecessary controversies. Yet, his relatively swift re-appointment suggests that the owner is, in fact, unwilling to resign complete control of the broker group’s operations. Min now makes up one of two company directors, meaning his voice is guaranteed to be amplified within daily protocol and decision making.

United Strategic Group SV director

Min has rejoined the table of directors as a result of the rebranding process regarding changing USGFX to United Strategic International. While it was initially expected that the broker would hold on to its former brand name, this bold decision to fully rebrand proves that it needs to rid itself of its somewhat tainted reputation somehow.

Concerns were raised from the broker last July due to its ASIC-regulated Australian business entering administration voluntarily following its official confirmation that it would go into liquidation. Additionally, the broker also lost its Australian Financial Services (AFS) license which the local regulator had previously issued for operations to take place in the country.

Further steps in the rebranding process saw the broker making a strategic decision to relocate its headquarters from Sydney to London. At the same time, it also gained an additional license from regulators based in South Africa.

Earlier this week, ASIC announced the ban of John Carlton Martin, who served as a director and manager of Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd between 2014 and 2019, from providing financial services for 10 years. ASIC has also barred Martin from managing corporations for five years.

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