Paul Groves named Head of European Sales at CFH Clearing

Paul Groves named Head of European Sales at CFH Clearing

CFH Clearing, TradeTech Group’s Liquidity Provider and Prime of Prime brokerage, just announced that it has promoted Paul Groves to its newly created role Head of European Sales.

Paul Groves has been working in sales at CFH Clearing for 9 years. Groves will report directly into CFH Clearing’s CEO, Matthew Maloney.

CFH Clearing recently announced that Marc Levin, former Chief Commercial Officer of CFH Clearing, has also been promoted and he succeeded Christian Frahm as CEO of CFH Group.

Matthew Maloney CFH Clearing

Matthew Maloney, CFH Clearing

Matthew Maloney, CEO, CFH Clearing commented:

As a result of continued global demand for our products and services, we have created a new sales structure, enabling us to accelerate our growth and scale the business even further.

Paul Groves was the ideal candidate for our newly created Head of European Sales role. He has a proven track record in generating long-standing clients for CFH, exceptional product knowledge and the ability to think creatively about solutions. He has an in-depth understanding about the challenges our clients face, built from many years of industry experience.

Paul Groves added:

I am very excited about this new opportunity. The general opinion in the industry is that the European market is struggling, largely because of ESMA.

However, CFH continues to grow our institutional client base in Europe, as in all territories, and we see significant opportunities in the region with both high net worth individuals and professional clients. These opportunities are because of the strength of our world class technology and liquidity offering, our reputation in the industry for helping institutional clients to grow, and the advantages we offer from being part of Playtech, a FTSE-250 listed company.

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