ASX CEO Dominic Stevens to retire this year

ASX Limited has revealed that its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dominic Stevens has announced its plans to retire this year after nearly nine years at the exchange group.

Stevens joined ASX as independent non-executive director in 2013 and became its CEO I August 2016. He will continue as CEO until his successor takes over to ensure stability and smooth transition.

ASX CEO Dominic Stevens said:

It is an honour to serve as the CEO of ASX, which plays a critical role in Australian and global financial markets. I am proud of what we have accomplished for our customers, staff, shareholders and our industry. Now is the appropriate time for a new CEO to be transitioned into the company and to take charge of the next phase of ASX’s growth and innovation.

ASX Dominic Stevens

Stevens continued:

Dominic Stevens, ASX

Dominic Stevens

It has been my great privilege to work with an exceptionally skilled team whose enthusiasm and hard work have helped position ASX as a global exchange leader. I wish to thank all our people for their professionalism and dedication, particularly during the pandemic.

My plan is to retire from executive roles after leaving ASX. In the meantime, I remain committed to the company and to ensuring my successor has time to get their feet under the table in preparation for the next chapter in ASX’s future.

ASX Chairman Damian Roche commented:

Dominic is providing ample notice of his retirement plans for which we are grateful. This is typical of his foresight, and enables a smooth transition to the best possible successor at a time when ASX will be entering its next phase of growth and innovation.

He will leave ASX in a strong financial and operational position, and with the transformation of critical systems, platforms and infrastructure complete or nearing completion.


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