ACY Securities hires Profile Booster’s CEO Ashley Jessen as Head of Marketing

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ASIC regulated Australia-based multi-asset trading provider, ACY Securities, has hired Ashley Jessen as their new Head of Marketing.

Jessen has almost 20 years’ experience in the financial markets and will be in charge of developing the digital marketing strategy, implementing performance-based marketing campaigns and identifying market opportunities.

Prior to ACY Securities, Jessen was CEO of Profile Booster, where he helped some of Australia’s largest Forex brokers drive business and position them for growth. Other previous jobs include Director of Communications at Invast Financial Services, Director of LCG Markets in Australia. Jessen also wrote the book ‘CFDs Made Simple’.

ACY Securities Co-director Jimmy Ye said the company had reached an exciting point and leveraging Ashley’s deep industry experience and expertise would propel the company forward:

ACY Securities is at an exciting point, and we wanted to secure Ashley’s depth of experience in the financial services industry, to leverage the opportunities both locally and internationally, to help move our company forward.” said Mr Ye in a statement this morning.

Jessen also commented to his appointment:

Ashley Jessen

Ashley Jessen

The financial services industry around the world is moving faster than ever before, with technology playing a vital role in the growth. ACY Securities has a deep background in developing cutting edge technology, a unique perspective and a vision that quickly caught my attention.

Not only is ACY Securities a global multi-asset broker, but their future development plans are laser-focused on providing cutting-edge tools for the modern-day investor.

Justin Pooni, who was initially appointed Head of Marketing & Communications, is now Head of Branding & Communications and will oversee the company’s global brand presence, communications and PR.

Mr. Ye said both Jessen and Pooni will work alongside each other to continue the growth trajectory of ACY Securities and drive the brand forward.

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