Options offers real-time multicast gap detection for US market data feeds

Options offers real-time multicast gap detection for US market data feeds

Options, the provider of global market data and colocation services for trading firms, has today announced the deployment of real-time multicast gap detection as part of its Managed Colocation offering. The TradeVision platform from Ixia, a Keysight Business, will initially be integrated with Options Managed Colocation infrastructure across the US, with expansion across European venues throughout H2 2018.

Launched November 2017, TradeVision is the first market data monitoring platform to deliver a combination of market feed health monitoring and advanced network visibility with pre-programmed support for hundreds of trading venues. It provides high accuracy gap detection, feed and channel health and statistics, high-precision timestamping, microburst detection, as well as tap aggregation and filtering from a single, easy to manage platform.

Options is the first vendor to offer TradeVision real-time monitoring services as a standard feature of its Managed Colocation solution, having successfully completed an extensive three month proof of concept project.

Available to Managed Colocation clients by April 2018, the platform will monitor the high volumes of US multicast market data traversing the Options ultra low latent network and send system-wide alerts on the source of any dropped packets or mission critical market data feed errors.

Ensuring continuity of market data in today’s highly dynamic and complex financial markets’ networks requires IT infrastructure teams to identify and isolate issues as they happen in real time”, said Kevin Formby, Vice President of Market Development at Ixia. “The TradeVision platform allows Options to detect and resolve issues in market data delivery across all US Exchanges by analyzing multicast gaps on every channel of every feed they monitor at 160Gpbs.

Options’ Global Head of Account Management, Stephen Morrow, commented:

As a fully managed service, we have a responsibility to our trading clients to deploy the most innovative latency sensitive technologies on the market. We are proud to be the first provider in the industry to offer clients a true platform-wide market data gap detection solution to minimize production impact and accelerate remediation.

TradeVision’s native 40Gb port capacity complements the Options new 40Gb managed network available across key US colocation venues.

The Options Managed Colocation platform is an ultra-low latency market data, connectivity and application hosting service. Boasting over 30 colocation sites worldwide and 400+ market data and order entry feeds, it enables firms to deploy the most latency sensitive trading strategies across all major liquidity venues globally.

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