Fortex adds Single Stock CFD to its trade offering


Fortex Technologies Inc., a global provider of institutional FX trading solutions, has announced yesterday that it has added Single Stock CFD’s as another asset class to its clients’ trade offerings.

Investors and traders of Fortex’ clients will now be able to create their own diversified portfolio, investing in Apple, Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, IBM, JP Morgan, Barclay, Alibaba, Baidu and many other large cap “blue-chips” companies around the world.

Some of the benefits of Single Stock CFDs include:

  • Stock CFDs trading offers lower commissions than those for stock trading.
  • Traders can open either Long (Buy) or Short (Sell) CFD contracts in individual stocks.
  • Immediate order execution, high liquidity and real-time data from major exchanges.
  • A great way to hedge other positions and to diversify traders’ portfolio.

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