FXSpotStream sets a new record with $70.1 billion ADV in March

FXSpotStream, provider of a multi-bank FX aggregation service for spot FX trading, today published its monthly metrics for March 2022.

The company highlighted that it has set a new record ADV high last month, surpassing the record set in February.

The average daily volume in March 2022 reached $70,115 billion.

These numbers were 11.6% higher than February’s $63.135 billion and 28.24% higher on a yearly basis.


FXSpotStream’s overall volume reached $1.613 trillion, up 28.24% YoY increase compared to the same period last year.

The March ADV numbers are based on 23 trading days.

The company also noted that last month completes the highest volume quarter in its history. In first quarter of 2022, FXSpotStream recorded $3.988trillion, with a Q1 ADV of $62.313billion.  This is a 21.54% increase compared to the same period last year.


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