FXSpotStream reports third highest ADV of over $43.702 billion

Multibank FX streaming aggregation and a matching service provider FXSpotStream announced its September volumes with a slight uptick since August and July.

The company reported ADV of $43.702 billion, a rise of 6.2% MoM compared to last month.

Last month also registered as the fourth consecutive month with an ADV more than $40billion. This is the first time this has been achieved by FXSpotStream.


FXSpotStream’s 2020 ADV from January to August was $42.857 billion, up by 14.62% compared to the same period last year when it reached $37.392 billion

The company’s ADV of $43.702 billion also marked 31.18% more than CBOE HotSpot’s ADV of $31.487 billion – exceeding CBOE/HotSpot’s ADV every month since April 2019

FXSpotStream’s ADV YoY rose by 17.02%.

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