FXSpotStream reports increased volume in February, sets a new daily volume record

FXSpotStream forex volumes

FXSpotStream has just released its volume report for the month of February, announcing increased volumes related, in part, to the evolving impact on the markets from the coronavirus.

On February 28, FXSpotStream hit a new daily volume record of USD86.953 billion. The new record represents a 47.84% increase over the prior daily volume record set in August of last year of USD58.8 billion. Despite only 20 trading days in February vs August when FXSpotStream had the prior monthly high, FXSpotStream reached a new Overall Volume record of USD956.699 billion in February. 

February also recorded a new ADV high for any month at USD47.835 billion, which surpassed the prior ADV high of USD43.2 billion by USD4.6 billion or 10.61% higher.

ADV in February MoM (Feb ‘20 vs Jan ’20) increased 29.17% to reach a new ADV record of USD47.835 billion. The company’s ADV YoY (Feb ’20 vs Feb ’19) increased 37.32%.

February’s ADV of USD47.835 billion was 14.78% greater than CBOE HotSpot’s ADV of USD41.253 billion – exceeding CBOE/HotSpot’s ADV every month since November 2018, with the exception of 1 month.

LeapRate reminds that Barclays has recently joined the 13 existing liquidity providing banks currently on FXSpotStream’s service. The company expects to have Barclays live globally in Q2.

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