FXSpotStream posts its second highest ADV ever of $49.036 billion

The multibank FX streaming aggregation and a matching service provider FXSpotStream announced its January trading volumes. The company posted its second highest ADV ever of $49.036 billion.

FXSpotStream reported increased 14.6% MoM increase in ADV for January 2021, compared to $42.8 billion in December 2020.

On yearly basis, the company registered a 32.41% rise in ADV, compared to $37 billion in January 2020.


Moreover, the company’s January 2021 ADV is 14.98% compared to the ADV for all of 2020 of &42.648billion.

January overall volume reached $980.7 billion while for December it was $941.3 billion. December had 22 trading days, while January had 20.

January’s ADV of $49.036billion is the company’s second highest ADV on record, behind March 2020’s ADV of $62.378 billion.

January’s volume figures continue their momentum from 2020. In 2020:

  • FXSpotStream’s 2020 ADV YoY increased 18.52% to %42.648billion from 2019.
  • FXSpotStream crossed the $11trillion for the first time ever in 2020 in terms of overall volume supported for the year.
  • FXSpotStream registered new highs in terms of ADV ($62.378billion in March), Monthly Volume ($1.372trillion) and Daily Volume ($89.6billion on March 9, 2020).

FXSpotStream recently announced plans to launch functionality to support FX Algos and Allocations over its API.

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FXSpotStream posts its second highest ADV ever of $49.036 billion

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