FXSpotStream ADV down 4% MoM in December with almost $43 billion

The multibank FX streaming aggregation and a matching service provider FXSpotStream announced its December volumes with a slight fall compared to November and October.

The company reported an ADV of $42.787 billion for the last month of 2020.

FXSpotStream’s ADV MoM fell 3.86%, compared to November 2020.

On yearly basis, the ADV rose 37.62% compared to December 2019.


FXSpotStream’s ADV for all of 2020 reached $42.648billion, up 18.52% when compared to 2019’s ADV of $35.983billion.

December’s ADV of $42.787billion was 27.22% more than CBOE HotSpot’s ADV of $32.687billion – exceeding CBOE/HotSpot’s ADV every month since April 2019.

December registers as the eighth month of 2020 with an ADV over USD40billion, compared to two in 2019.

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