CFD Trading provider TradeMax rebrands to TMGM

CFD trading provider TradeMax announced a major rebrand as part of its global expansion strategy and its new name: TMGM.

Since 2015, TradeMax has expanded beyond its Sydney base and into the Chinese market. The company has been attracting new global clients and in a response to the growing international demand, it has decided to go globally. The new name TMGM or ‘TradeMax Global Markets’ is representative of that future expansion.

CEO Lee Yu explained:

The name doesn’t change what we do. The superior care we give to our clients won’t change with the expansion. It means now we can offer our platform even wider than before, with personalized customer experience from our account managers to our clients always being our first priority.

TMGM is powered by OneZero Financial Technology. Users also access more than 15,000 products across 7 markets.

CFD Trading provider TradeMax rebrands to TMGM

In recent years TMGM has experienced major growth in the CFD trading space and solidified its commitment to investors.

The expansion has also spread to the company’s team with the addition few new global members to service customers in more languages. TMGM’s new CMO, Angelo D’Alessio, is based in Sydney and is focused on implementing a global marketing strategy.

CEO Lee Yu added:

We welcome every investor that wants to start reaping the benefits of CFD Trading to trade with us.

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