B2Broker adds new range of features to B2Trader

Liquidity and technology provider B2Broker has introduced a new range of features to its matching engine, B2Trader. The company’s aim is that the latest additions will have client demands be met in record time.

According to B2Broker, many crypto exchanges and brokers around the globe are B2Trader. The matching engine algorithm keeps a record of all open orders in a market and generates new trades if the two orders can be fulfilled by each other.

The official announcement stated:

B2Trader is a highly-reliable exchange platform featuring a modular, lightweight, extensible design. It is product-agnostic and interoperable with third-party services that make it one of a kind, and a highly sought-after solution in the industry.

B2Broker launches new website and new corporate branding

Developed back in 2018, allows for third party integrations which further enhance B2Trader solution and respond to client requirements. Some recent developments in the solution include a watchlist of favourite instruments in order to monitor percentage changes.

In addition, to respond to the growing demand for its crypto-related products, B2Brokers has integrated different services to the crypto and forex trading platforms such as B2BinPay, B2Core, Crystal Blockchain and SumSub.

The company noted:

B2Broker fully understands the broad spectrum of requirements from clients and to achieve a service that is above and beyond expectations, has integrated a variety of services that help exchanges manage all aspects effectively.

In October last year, B2Broker launched new website and corporate branding. Later in November, the technology provider introduced B2Margin, a white label margin exchange trading platform.

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