ATFX adds a new payment solution – Truevo Credit Card

Global broker ATFX announced the addition of the Truevo credit card as a payment option for its European clients.

Truevo is a payments service with a strong presence across the Eurozone and serves many businesses, which in turn serve numerous consumers.

The announcement is part of ATFX’s strategy to make it easy for clients to trade the financial markets through its platform.

The ability to easily fund an account in a convenient to the client way means they can access the markets that bit quicker.

The UK-based broker is also keen to promote cashless payment methods. Not only because of their fintech approach to business but also for health reasons with the coronavirus still affecting the world. And health experts identifying handling cash as a way that the virus can spread.

ATFX adds a new payment solution - Truevo Credit Card

ATFX clients in the eurozone can use their Truevo credit cards to fund their accounts and withdraw their trading profits.

In the past, retail traders have found it difficult to trade the financial markets due to funding challenges as they were expensive and time-consuming.

The FCA regulated ATFX wants to transform the retail brokerage industry by making it easy for customers to open, verify and fund their accounts from the comfort of their own homes and confident in their funds security.

The addition of more payment options is planned to ensure all clients, regardless of location, can access and trade the financial markets quickly and efficiently.

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