Affliate marketing at Exness sees an increase during the last year and a half

Exness boasts affiliate marketing growth in the past 18 months. The Affiliate Program was first launched in 18 countries in December 2019, just before the pandemic started. Less than two years later, the program includes 40 countries and showcases the power of social and digital influencers, placed at the helm of driving traffic for numerous companies around the globe.

Affiliate programs and IB partnerships in the online trading industry help partners introduce new clients to brokers and connect them to their trading platforms. Partnerships in Forex and CFD trading networks generally connect publishers and individuals with specific services on a CPA, CPL, CPC, revenue share, or other business model.

Exness highlighted that promoting a product on social media is an “integral catalyst for business growth”.  Online promotion is a robust way to increase brand awareness and client acquisition. Exness benefits from this understanding of marketing and extend their own channels to those of affiliates to propel growth.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool for business because of the audiences’ trust in influencers and the value they place on what their being sold. Affiliates are in a advantageous position to promote products and it is on brokers to ensure that the marketing conducted on their behalf reflects their ethical standards and properly represents their brand.


The Exness affiliate program is one of the biggest digital acquisition channels in the company. In order to respond to the needs of their diverse clientele, Exness offer a multi-model affiliate program that can function on revenue share (spread rebate), CPA or CPL commission schemes.

The company underlined the value they have placed on flexibility in designing their affiliate program and allowing their affiliates to select exactly what works for them and their business based on what their sources of traffic are and how they choose to refer clients.

Exness’ website, as well as their Affiliate Program can be viewed in 17 languages. Their comprehensive help centre offers an in-depth knowledge base in 14 languages. The company highlighted that it sees Affiliate marketing as a critical part of the future of marketing in the online trading industry.

Exness Affiliate Program registered some of its highest result during the pandemic, in the first quarter of 2021. Overall, the widespread lockdowns had a positive outcome on the company. Since the program first launched, the total payout reached $1.5 million spread across 3,500 affiliates, registered for the Exness Affiliate Program. In 2020 this increased to $130 million paid out across a total of 18,000 active partners, including IBs. The all-time total number to date across all affiliates and IB’s reached $320 million.

The Forex and CFD broker recently showed an increase of more than 10% between May and June and an 84% increase when comparing June 2020 figures to June 2021.

Earlier in July, Exness became the latest online brokerage to join the Financial Commission as a member.

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