New Zealand FMA warns against UFX Global Limited

fma scam alert

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has just issued a public warning against a scam company called UFX Global Limited.

UFX Global Limited

Associated entities individuals: UFX markets, UFX bank, UFX trade
Trading name: UFX Global
Address: Govant Building, Kumul Highway, P.O. Box 1276 Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: +35 702 503 003 14; +49 303 080 8240; +420 22 888 22 70; +44 208105 0778
Email: [email protected]

Reason for warning:

The regulator believes the registration and regulation information claimed on the website is false and misleading, and that UFX Global Limited could be involved in a scam.

It ( is based overseas with no presence in New Zealand and does not appear to be subject to regulation by an overseas regulator.

The company appears to be targeting New Zealand residents through online advertising. It is not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand and not licensed to issue derivatives in New Zealand.

UFX spokesperson commented on the news:

UFX is aware of the warning issued by the New Zealand regulator and would like to object to the word Scam, even if preceded by “could”. UFX has no operation in New Zealand and any marketing activity there was conducted by a rouge affiliate which was terminated once UFX realized its actions. UFX will keep upholding all the regulations it works under, as it has in the past decade.

The regulator has recently issued several other scam warnings.

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