New Zealand FMA warns against MYfintec scam company

fma scam alert

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has just issued a public warning against a scam company called MYfintec.


Phone: +44 20 3936 1150, +42 02 3426 1866, +41 31 5087 465
Email: [email protected]

Reason for warning:

The FMA is concerned that MYfintec has the hallmarks of a scam, including withholding client funds, pressure to invest more before being able to withdraw funds, and bank accounts that do not match the company name.

The regulator has also noted that MYfintec is not registered on the Financial Service Providers Register nor authorised as a financial adviser and is therefore not permitted to provide these financial services to New Zealand residents.

The official warning can be seen here.

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