New Zealand FMA adds Horse Forex and Whitley Trading Group to its warning list

New Zealand FMA added Horse Forex and Whitley Trading Group today to its warning list. was also added last week.

FMA suspects that Horse Forex is involved in a scam. The company’s websites and claim they are operated by Horse Group HK Limited and Horseforex PTY Limited, respectively.

However, the director of Horse Group Limited has advised the company has no association with this entity or its websites. Horse Forex claims to be under the supervision of New Zealand Financial Supervisory Authority, which does not exist.

FMA advises caution when dealing with Whitley Trading Group and its website and that the entity might be involved in a scam.

Whitley Trading Group does not appear to be listed on the FSPR and is not an incorporated company in New Zealand. The address provided on the website, 1-19 Customs Street West, Commercial Bay Tower, Level 18, Auckland Region, does not exist.

FMA is concerned that the website as it is not associated with or authorised by the New Zealand registered company WorldClear Limited.

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