The French AMF announces closer cooperation with the National Cybersecurity Agency

DFSA launches Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

In light of the threat to the financial sector, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and ANSSI (the French National Cybersecurity Agency) announced that they have agreed to cooperate more closely on the protection of information systems. The joint signature of a letter of intent on Friday, 16 February forms the basis of this cooperation.

The financial industry and the markets are particularly vulnerable to digital risks and cyberattacks.

The AMF, as an independent public authority, is responsible for ensuring the orderly operation of the markets. As such, it shares joint responsibility with ANSSI for the digital security of this sensitive sector.

ANSSI, as the national cybersecurity authority, is responsible for responding to threats against the public authorities and private industry, in particular information systems of vital importance, and in this respect coordinates governmental action on the protection of information systems.

To better respond to the threats against the financial sector, the AMF and ANSSI have signed a letter of intent to cooperate on the information systems security. This agreement calls on the two organisations to regularly exchange information on incidents affecting the security of information systems and to collaborate on the management of potential crises and, more broadly, on digital security.

The letter of intent formalises the strong ties already established between the two institutions, notably through the ACPR-AMF FinTech Forum, of which ANSSI has been a member since 2017.

This agreement follows a similar initiative with the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Resolution in the banking and insurance sectors, to promote coordinated action in response to digital security challenges.

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