Voltabox AG share subscription launched on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Trading in Prime Standard scheduled to begin on 13 October / Support in share placement from DirectPlace

The share subscription for Voltabox AG’s IPO was launched today on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is expected to continue until 10 October. The company plans to list in the Prime Standard with its first day of trading scheduled for 13 October.

Deutsche Börse’s subscription functionality DirectPlace will provide its support in the share subscription. It enables companies to tap into additional investor groups such as family offices, asset managers and retail investors prior to the IPO. This gives private investors the opportunity to place buy orders through their custodian bank during the subscription period.

According to company information, Voltabox AG is a system provider for e-mobility in industrial applications. Its core business consists of manufacturing safe, high-quality advanced lithium-ion battery systems in modular and serial production. The systems are used in buses for public transport, forklifts, automated guided vehicles and mining vehicles. The parent company paragon AG is already listed in the Prime Standard and is expected to remain the majority shareholder for the long term.

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Voltabox AG share subscription launched on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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