Tokyo Financial Exchange launches daily futures based on gold /crude oil ETF Index price

Tokyo financial trading TFX

Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) informed that it has decided to introduce Daily futures based on gold bullion ETF Index price and Daily futures based on Crude oil ETF Index price on Click Kabu 365 market.

Toward the planned launch in the 1Q of FY 2018 (April 2018 –June 2018), the exchange will determine the contract specifications and prepare the system for the contract.

As Click Kabu 365 market offers Daily futures on four major stock indices in Japan, U.S. and Europe, such as Nikkei 225 and NY Dow Jones, it has grown with widespread support from investors.

Details of Contract Specifications including underlying ETF are as follows:

  1. SPDR Gold Share: ETF designed to track London gold bullion price.
  2. WTI crude oil price linked ETF: ETF designed to track price of WTI crude oil futures price

①Gold ETF Product

②Crude Oil Product


Gold ETF Index Daily Futures

Crude oil ETF Index Daily Futures

Underlying Asset  (Securities Code) 
(Asset management company)

SPDR®Gold Shares ETF
(World Gold Trust Services LLC)

WTI crude oil price linked ETF (1671)
(Simplex Asset Management)

Price of Underlying asset (Closing price as of October 13, 2017)

JPY 13,800

JPY 2,204

Trading Unit

ETF price × 10 or 100
(Notional amount :
JPY 138,000 or 1,380,000)

ETF price × 100
(Notional amount:
JPY 220,400)

Minimum price fluctuation



None(Daily Futures)

Margin Reference Amount

JPY 1,580 or 15,800

JPY 9,700

※Margin Reference Amount is preliminary calculated as of October 13, 2017. The above contract specifications are subject to change by further review and discussion with administrative authorities.

The launch will be marked in the 1Q of FY 2018 (April 2018 –June 2018).

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