The Stock Exchange of Thailand predicts inclusive growth in 2020


The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has announced that it will be enhancing process and expanding business in line with a three-year strategic framework (2020-2022), which prioritizes raising work efficiency and creating partnership platform to drive inclusive growth.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that the exchange will embrace growth for the capital market, society and the nation with quality in a balanced and sustainable manner for Thailand’s well-being in 2020.

SET has been the most liquid market in ASEAN since 2012, with an average daily trading value of THB 53.19 billion (approximately USD 1.74 billion).

TFEX’s daily trading volume averaged 430,000 contracts per day, making it the world’s 26th most active derivatives market.

Market capitalization of Initial public offerings (IPOs) was the highest in ASEAN, with Asset World Corporation pcl (AWC) emerging as Thailand’s largest fund-raising deal.

40 Thai listed companies have been selected as constituents of MSCI Standard Index, with four additions from the preceding year – the highest number of additions in ASEAN. Upon the increase in number of components in the Index, Thai shares’ weight increased to the record high of 3.4% from 2.7%.

The exchange linked products and services, and mutual fund trading with overseas markets, including an issuance of DW on Hang Seng Index and a team-up between FundConnext and Clearstream.

20 Thai listed companies have been selected as components of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), the highest number in ASEAN, and seven of them were in a list of the world’s top-scoring firms.

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