NZX keeps trading after continued DDoS-linked disruptions

The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) is trading uninterrupted on Monday despite being subjected to continued cyber-attacks.

Market-data is distributed through the exchange’s Nasdaq X-Stream trading all day.

The NZX faced four consecutive days cyberattacks that continued on Monday. The exchange was hit on Tuesday last week by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks aiming to disrupt services by flooding with excessive internet traffic. NZX resumed trading on Friday afternoon but it faced trading disputations.

The New Zealand exchange said its core trading platform was not affected but because its website was hit, the exchange could not push market announcements.

NZX trading again after continued DDoS-linked disruptions

New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre issued a general security advisory warning of DoS attacks affecting entities in New Zealand.

The NZX was forced to suspend trading last week because of the cyber attacks but today it is trading under an arrangement with the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority to keep trading even if its website is offline due to the attacks.

NZX’s Chief Executive, Mark Peterson said:

NZX has been advised by independent cyber specialists that the attacks last week are among the largest, most well-resourced and sophisticated they have ever seen in New Zealand.

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