MOEX launches trading in HeadHunter ADSs

Last Friday, Moscow Exchange (MOEX) announced that it started trading American Depositary Shares (ADSs) of HeadHunter.

Moscow Exchange CEO Yuri Denisov and Mikhail Zhukov, CEO of HeadHunter Group attended the listing ceremony.

HeadHunter’s ADSs are included in the Level 1 List of Moscow Exchange and traded on the Innovation and Investment Market. The security is traded and settled in RUB. The ticker is iHHRU.

HeadHunter’s ADSs are also listed on NASDAQ.

Moscow Exchange

Yury Denisov, CEO of Moscow Exchange, commented:

Headhunter is one of the most popular and useful resources for both employers and job-seekers. Now, millions of platform users can buy shares in this leading recruitment agency using Moscow Exchange’s infrastructure.

We are pleased that new-economy companies are listing on Moscow Exchange. This helps to attract new investors to the market, and allows them to diversify their portfolios that is especially needed among growing demand for exchange trading from retail investors: 6.5 million people have already opened brokerage accounts to trade on MOEX, of whom 2.8 million have joined the Exchange this year. A secondary listing in Moscow creates additional demand for a company’s securities from Russian investors and increases liquidity.

Mikhail Zhukov, CEO of HeadHunter Group, added:

We are glad to offer investors access to our securities through the Moscow Exchange with clear and convenient infrastructure, with quotation and settlement in Russian rubles.

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