Malta Stock Exchange goes live on Deutsche Börse’s T7 trading technology

Malta Stock Exchange goes live on Deutsche Börse's T7 trading technology

Malta Stock Exchange announced that it now goes live on Deutsche Börse’s T7 trading technology, enabling market participants in Malta to benefit from the T7 trading technology and synergies through lower development and maintenance costs.

Malta Stock Exchange has been using the Deutsche Börse’s Xetra trading system, but has decided to make a change this year.

Deutsche Börse stands for high-performance capital market technologies. By migrating to T7, our trading participants will benefit from a sustainable and reliable system that has proven itself internationally in numerous markets,” commented Simon Zammit, CEO of Malta Stock Exchange. “We offer our customers access to a significantly larger network of international market participants.

Stephan Schwandt, Head of Digitisation and Platforms in Deutsche Börse’s Cash Market, said:

The launch of T7 on the Malta Stock Exchange shows once again that our technology solutions are highly valued internationally. T7 stands for low latency, enormous reliability and high flexibility. This is demonstrated by the wide range of usage on cash, derivatives and energy markets worldwide.

Many other European and world exchanges also use Deutsche Börse’s trading infrastructure. The Xetra venue in Frankfurt and the European Energy Exchange (EEX), all use T7, cash market trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange is based on technologies from Deutsche Börse. The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) has gone live with Deutsche Börse’s T7 trading platform for the Irish equity market back in 2017.

The exchanges in Prague, Budapest and Sofia have been using the infrastructure for several years.

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