Eurex extends its reach in Asia with new derivatives

Eurex has recently announced its next move in broadening its presence across Asia, as it launches options and futures on the MSCI China Hong Kong Listed Large Cap as well as the MSCI Hong Kong Listed Large Cap indexes. More prominently, the derivatives exchange has announced its launch of futures on the MSCI China Tech 100 Index, in response to the ever-increasing demand for trading and investment instruments around the Asia-Pacific area.

By launching futures on the MSCI China Tech 100 Index, investors will now have the opportunity to get involved in the technology-driven growth occurring in the country. The index is unique in using a thematic approach while covering Chinese stocks which are associated with four very broad technology categories. Such stocks include mobility, internet, robotics, automation, and even health. Subsequently, the index works to capture an impressive range of tech-focused companies which span the investment sphere, remaining detached from a company’s sector classification or industry.


Additionally, options and futures which feature on both the MSCI China Hong Kong Listed Large Cap Index and the MSCI Hong Kong Listed Large Cap Index also provide investors with the opportunity to gain vital exposure to some of the largest firms listed in Hong Kong. The MSCI Hong Kong Listed Large Cap Index works to offer an alternative option for some of the biggest stocks listed in Hong Kong, while the MSCI China HK Listed Large Cap Index concentrates solely on any Chinese firms which are listed in Hong Kong.

Eurex now also offers more futures for APAC-based investors. Targeting significant Australian asset managers are those futures on MSCI World ex Australia, while futures on MSCI Emerging Markets Asia ex China are offering an individual investment product for developing markets in Asia based outside China – the biggest single country present in the vast Emerging Markets index.

Randolf Roth, Member of the Eurex Executive Board, said:

Randolf Roth, Eurex

Randolf Roth
Source: LinkedIn

With this continuous strategic commitment to China and Asia-Pacific as a whole, we meet the strong demand from our customers worldwide who want to expand their financial exposure into this fast-growing region. As a global exchange, we can connect counterparties from around the world to facilitate their trades. This is also one of the reasons behind the success of our MSCI franchise.

Eurex revealed in March it is expanding its equity index segment with 12 new factor futures as the demand for factor-based instruments increases. The company also recently decided to expand the EURO STOXX 50 Total Return Futures as a response to strong demand from market participants.


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