Deutsche Börse launches Scale 30 Index

Deutsche Börse
Selection index comprises the 30 most liquid equities from the Scale segment

Deutsche Börse announced that it is expanding its index offering by launching the Scale 30 Index on Wednesday. The selection index tracks the performance of the 30 most liquid companies listed in the SME segment Scale. Eligibility for index inclusion depends on order book turnover on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

Weighting of equities in the Scale 30 Index is based on market capitalisation and is adjusted quarterly. The index is calculated in real time and available in euro as a performance and price version (ISIN: DE000A2J0PW5 respective DE000A2GYJT2). The historical back-calculation dates back to 17 March 2017 at 1,000 points, meaning it would have posted a performance of over 29.3 percent to date.

The new index enhances visibility for investors of the most frequently stocks traded in the Scale segment. As the companies are selected based on their liquidity, smaller companies also have the chance to be included in the index. The Scale selection index supplements the Scale All Share Index launched in March of last year, tracking all companies in the segment.

The Scale segment, launched on 1 March 2017 with 37 equities, is constantly evolving. At present, 48 equities with a market capitalisation totalling €7.2 billion are listed in the segment. With its services, the Scale segment is tailored to the SME sector and aimed at improving this sector’s access to investors and growth capital.

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