Deutsche Börse expands offering for start-ups

Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse Venture Network announced that is expanding its offering and opening up for early stage start-ups in the early stage that have already closed an initial seed financing round and meet the necessary criteria.

The platform, which currently brings together more than 130 businesses and more than 240 investors, has previously only accepted start-ups in the later growth stages. The service Venture Match, which matches start-ups with specific investors during financing rounds, will therefore also be available from a funding amount of €1 million in future. In order to enable further international growth, sales will also be expanded to Austria, the Netherlands, France and Poland.

We aim to make Deutsche Börse Venture Network the leading platform for start-ups in Europe. Our next step is to concentrate on younger start-ups and companies in countries neighbouring Germany. For these companies we see a significant need for targeted contact with national and international investors,” said Eric Leupold, Head of Pre-IPO & Capital Markets at Deutsche Börse. “This also shows the interest in our training opportunities. Start-ups want to be well prepared for their financing rounds and growth management.

The expansion also includes the realignment of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network membership model. Start-ups with a completed seed round will be allocated to the “Early Select” model, and those having completed series B funding to the “Prime Select” model.

In order to be accepted into the Venture Network, the “Early Select” candidates will also be subject to an application process and must meet certain criteria. For instance, they will need annual revenue and completed financing each of at least €1 million, as well as a nomination by a lead investor.

The three focal points of the programme – financing services, networking events and executive training – will remain the same, but have been expanded with a view to the younger companies. This applies both to the training opportunities in cooperation with the UnternehmerTUM company from Munich and to the event portfolio. The exclusive “Investor Talks” event series, that enables start-ups to connect with selected investors in small groups, will be held nine times this year, instead of the previous three times annually. The locations will include Monaco, Paris, Frankfurt, Palo Alto, New York, London and Munich. The comprehensive networking offering also includes additional partner meetings with established businesses and investors as well as regional community gatherings.

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