The Transparent History of a Broker

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The following article was written by Jens Chrzanowski, Member of  the Management Board of Admiral Markets Group AS.


Jens Chrzanowski Admiral Markets

Jens Chrzanowski, Admiral Markets

I’ll start this week’s article by asking your opinion: should it be only people that get to celebrate their birthdays or is the history of a company worth celebrating, too?

What do you think?

As an industry insider, I know that one of the most important aspects for me is represented by my clients’ trust. The more a client trusts a company, the more loyal they’ll be to the company in question. So, how do we build strong, long-lasting relationships; how do we gain trust? I hope that Admiral Markets’ German website gives some answers to those questions.

As you can see, our company itself has a “birthday”. The first Admiral Markets office in Germany was established six years ago and from the very first birthday, we’ve celebrated our company’s history together with our clients, year after year.

Usually, the birthday present goes to the person celebrating their birthday, but we do the opposite: the present goes to our clients! Any existing or new client with our Berlin office is invited to the party – trade our popular DAX30 and DJI30 CFDs – and we will compensate the typical spread of these instruments for you. All terms and details are as good as possible, can be clearly viewed on our website and are available for any client within Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

What could be more natural than celebrating this yearly anniversary together with our clients, to show our history and reputation? We hope to see you at the party!

Until next week!

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Forex and CFD trading carries a high level of risk, and this article should not be seen as advice or solicitation to buy or sell. It’s written for informational purposes only.

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