SEED Group forms new strategic partnership with 8topuz in MENA region

With a core focus of 8topuz’s international and regional strategy beginning to establish a strong presence and service clients in the MENA region, a recent key strategic partnership with SEED Group, the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum in Dubai has given 8topuz access to key technology collaborations, regional knowledge and deep business opportunities.

One of the most exciting aspects of the partnership with SEED Group is the alignment of SEED Group’s agenda to diversify the region’s economy with AI and technology. This sits perfectly with the deep use of AI in the 8topuz risk managed trading system and allows 8topuz to benefit from the business and technology eco-system that has been developed by SEED Group.

Following the ongoing growth that 8topuz has seen in the last 3+ years and the news that 8topuz now offers 15 broker partners, Director of 8topuz, Abdoulkader Abdi joins LeapRate to share what the vision of the company is and where these new partnerships are taking 8topuz in the near future.

LR: How is 8topuz doing in general?

Abdoulkader Abdi

Abdoulkader: Put simply with a clear focus on risk management and long-term growth strategies, the 8topuz system is proving very appealing to a wide variety of investors and traders who want a more automated solution.
8topuz can boast audited results showing an average of 3-4% ROI per month for the past 3 + years.

As the 8topuz system requires zero intervention from clients it has found itself sitting in a blue ocean of investing options where the blend of AI, machine learning and human intervention has opened up a unique opportunity to leverage and capitalize on this hybrid way of growing capital over a medium to long term, effectively increasing intelligent trading decisions made by machine and human.

LR: What kind of clients are typical for 8topuz?

Abdoulkader: Mostly we deal with fund managers, private investors and family offices who are open to new types of investment vehicles and want to look at managed risk options.
We also look after regular clients who are open to long and medium-term investment options where an automated intelligent trading system takes care of all the hard work.

LR: Where is 8topuz heading?

Abdoulkader: As we have seen positive growth for a sustained period we wish to focus on developing the AI system further and with help from our development team, work to introduce even better integrated systems that can mitigate risk further and allow us to keep our positive ROI on a monthly basis for our clients.

We will also be exhibiting in the Dubai region for World Expo 2020 at the end of the year and into 2021 when the event will be held.

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