REBGLO – new, ecological approach to crypto mining

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The topic of crypto mining and its high ecological costs have been on experts’ and investors’ minds forever. The problem is that mining of cryptocurrencies often involves high electricity costs and even loss of valuable data.

How does the mining exactly work? Each miner has to solve a mathematical problem (this happens in the matter of seconds, since the problem is decrypted and should be solved using technological power). After the first miner solves the problem, he gets a place on the block and the process is repeated so that each miner that solves the problem receives a place on the chain and gets a cryptocurrency coin in return for the solved problem.

There are several issues related to the mining, however.

First, during the entire mining process, significant and valuable amount of data may be lost. According to Zycrypto, hash rates are usually adversely impacted by ineffective data reading and reconstruction.

The other problem, however, is what most economies and people worry about: the high level of electricity consumption. For example, the mining of Bitcoin requires somewhere around 20,000 GWh per year, which, according to public sources, is 1% of the electricity consumed by the whole world.

The solution to these issues may be a new approach to mining cryptocurrencies called REBGLO. REBGLO Mining System allows the more effective and cost-efficient cryptocurrency mining.  The system extends both a software and a hardware solution, through Data Transmission System and HETTARER.

The Data Transmission System works to increase the computing performance, increase the hash rate and allow miners to receive higher revenue compared to the regular process that involves only computers.

The HETTARER technology is actually an electromagnetic sticker that gathers the elementary particles into a constitution state. These particles work together to neturalize the electromagnetic noise.

What HETTARER actually does is lower the frequency of electric devices by around 90%. The sticker has already helped Monero miners to increase the data mined and the mining rewards.

The entire REBGLO project represents the idea of Rebooting Globalization, taking care of the issues related to cryptocurrency mining, while making sure the environment is safe.

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