Cathy Minter is R3’s new Chief Revenue Office

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Enterprise blockchain software firm, R3, has announced that it has added Cathy Minter to its team as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Minter will be responsible for R3’s commercial activity and revenue generation. This will include growing the user-base for Corda Enterprise, the deployment of Corda tailored for enterprise use, and promoting the expanded use of Corda in across a wide range of enterprise use cases.

Prior to joining R3, Minter served as Head of Americas Sales at enterprise software firm Docker. With over 20 years’ experience in sales, she has held senior leadership positions at established enterprise technology leaders, SAP and Oracle, as well as emerging software firms SpaceTime Insight, a visual analytics firm acquired by Nokia in 2018, and Cordys, a cloud-based software company.

Cathy Minter, CRO of R3, commented:

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on some of the most impactful enterprise technologies, like cloud-computing and the SAAS revolution. From talking with clients and contacts, it became really clear to me that blockchain is gathering steam across a very diverse range of industries. The speed of engagement and enthusiasm for enterprise blockchain is something I’ve not seen before. When the opportunity to work with R3, the leader in enterprise blockchain technology, presented itself, it felt like a very natural fit for me.

David E. Rutter

David E.Rutter

David E. Rutter, CEO of R3, said:

R3’s Corda platform is now being utilised for everything from supply chain transparency to managing property sales. With this robust growth of Corda adoption into a diverse range of different markets and industries, we needed someone with exceptional skills in enterprise technology sales and a deep contact book. Cathy fit the bill perfectly for this role. We are delighted to welcome Cathy to the team during this period of exciting new growth and opportunity.

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