Huobi DM hits US$20b in trading volume

Huobi DM volumes

Huobi Derivative Market (Huobi DM), Huobi’s crypto asset trading service, has just announced its total trading volumes and it soared past USD $20 billion. 

Huobi DM has recently expanded its cryptocurrency contract trading services to include EOS. Apart from EOS, crypto asset contract trading service also includes taking long and short positions on Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

We’re pleased with the strong response. This reinforce our belief that Huobi DM truly caters to our user’s needs. We’ve been getting positive feedback from our clients on our lack of clawbacks as well as Huobi DM’s capacity to help sophisticated traders manage the risk of spot market fluctuations. I believe this explains our platform’s exploding growth, even in the midst of the ongoing bear market,” said Livio Weng, CEO of Huobi Global.

A timeline of Huobi DM’s growth can be seen below:

  • November 21: Huobi DM launches in beta mode with BTC contract trading
  • December 5: Huobi DM launches ETH contract trading
  • December 10: Huobi DM exits beta mode and is integrated with Huobi Global, Huobi’s flagship cryptocurrency exchange. Huobi DM’s daily trading volume reaches USD $195 million for the first time
  • December 25: Huobi DM’s 24-hour trading volume breaks through USD $1 billion for the first time
  • December 28: Huobi DM launches EOS contract trading and reaches USD $10 billion in cumulative trading volume
  • December 31: Huobi DM’s first month cumulative trading volume reaches USD $12 billion
  • January 12: Huobi DM’s total cumulative trading volume breaks through USD $20 billion

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