Crypto exchange Kraken adds 11 new conversion pairs

US-based crypto exchange, Kraken, announced last week the addition of 11 new trading options with new conversion options.

Since the end of last month, Kraken clients can convert popular currencies more efficiently with 11 more conversion options.

The expansion includes options for converting ether (ETH), USDT and Pound Sterling (GBP), with offerings aiming to bring more functionality, while also helping clients to avoid added fees.


Previously, converting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to ETH on Kraken took two different trades and with the new BCH/ETH conversion pair, it can be done directly.

The new addition expands Kraken’s total number of trading pairs to 155, including more traditional FX trading pairs Kraken launched about six weeks ago.

The exchange added the new pairs where seeing increasing customer demand, ensuring each new market has the best possible liquidity.

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